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Il primo volo / The first flight • contest Immagini per Sognare / 3rd place

Experiences are feathers.
Each time you make something for the first time,
you learn something that will allow you to try new things.
The sum of our first times gives us the chance to fly..

First sketch of my illustration
I liked the composition but colors didn't give me the right feelings. Was to angelic, light. I wanted something sweet but strong because the story I tried to tell, was a story of joy, passion. The story of my first love. And I had fun trying to represent the first times of my dad. From the first kiss, to -unluckily- the first cigarette.

The theme of the contest is "the first flight", and this is how I read the subject.
The pencil my parents gave me when I was 1 year old is my favourite feather.
The one that I consider the heart of my person.

Digital illustration for the contest
Immagini per Sognare • La bottega del Cigno

Il primo dono
The first gift

UPDATE: I've been chosen for the 3rd place!