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My drawn life • #mydrawnlife

On YouTube you can find a huge quantity of videos titled Draw my life. The tag has born in 2013, when a famous youtuber made a video about his life, drawing it in timelapse on a board. Well, the very first video called Draw my life has been recorded in 2011, but it became famous just when people saw it in the famous channel. Pretty obvious.

By the way, after some requests, I decided to make the video, but with a little modification. Like artist I found ridicolous telling my life just like this. First of all because it's boring, and on the other side I like my privacy in some ways. So, I had the idea to realize a video where the story of my life was more a little fairytale I could use to show how my drawings grew up with me.

In the video you can see how everything has born in a big messy ball of blue and orange lines, till my actual style. But, hopefully, I won't stop to learn and grow up, and my drawing with me.
Hope this video can be encouraging for all the people who think "I'm not skilled enough", because the real thing is that You're not skilled enough, Today.

If you're an artist, and if you have time, it would be lovely if you'd make your own My drawn life :)